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"Always remember to wave goodbye"

A short-film 'parable' on love, loss and child bereavement from multi-award winning writer- director Ian D. Fleming

"I am driven to tell Genie's story. As a boy, like Genie, I was bereaved of my best friend, my Dad. Mr. APPLE voices Genie's pain ... the pain of a bereaved child. Now, with kids and grandkids of my own, I see how the departed live on in us, generation upon generation, forevermore in the Circle of Life." 


8-year old Genie loses her best friend and mentor 'Mummy'. Mummy picks the very last apple that the raggedy old apple tree in their garden has to offer. This tree has borne fruit through three generations of their family. She gives the apple a friendly face names it 'Mr. Apple'. Given to Genie he becomes her 'totem', bringing her comfort in the loss of her mother. With Dad struggling to maintain balance through his grief and misunderstanding Genie's bond with 'just a bloody apple!', there is much for them both to learn. Together, they find grace and understanding; redeemed in the Circle of Life.


Genie’s story is very real. It is not melodramatic. We don't see Mummy die. The 'C' word is never used. It’s a truthful telling of an unavoidably tragic tale that at some time touches most of our lives. In a child's perception a parent is there, then is suddenly gone, leaving a hole they can't find a way to fill. Mr. Apple's parable teaches us how we are all connected in the circle of life; that life goes on... that the departed live on in within us. This is Mr. Apple's positive message of hope. 


We are very honoured to be working alongside GRIEF ENCOUNTER, a project partnership that validates and brings integrity to Genie's story. Together we will raise awareness of the issues around child bereavement and raise money for this wonderful and important charity.

"We are honoured to be part of this journey."

Richard Fogelman - Grief Encounter

International Cast & Crew

With an international team of hi-profile, multi award winning film and TV professionals alongside new emerging filmmakers bonded on a shared mission, festival success will help bring Genie's poignant message of hope to worldwide screens.


(Dream Team, Hollyoaks, Disney's Evermoor Chronicles + multi

award-winning shorts Little Boy Soldiers and The Gatherers) 

Following 20+ years of writing and directing for film and TV, Mr. APPLE marks Ian D. Fleming’s first return to short film drama since The Gatherers (1998).

From an idea that sprung both from his own childhood and from his experiences of fatherhood, Ian has written the screenplay for what he calls "a parable-film". This is a personal and imaginative tale, that carries a heartwarming message for any child or parent who is feeling lost and left behind when a parent or partner dies. "So why a short film now?" This a question Ian has been asked; his answer... 

"The people who have lovingly pushed me to bring this tale to life are the crack team of collaborators who will be making Mr. APPLE with me. It's for them and for bereaved children everywhere that I want to tell this story. I'm so moved that everyone in the team has committed 100% of their passionate belief in the project. We all believe in this film and yearn to see it made. We hope you do too!"



BAFTA winner 2022

(It's A Sin, The Umbrella Academy, DaVinci's Demons; Daredevil, Iron Fist, Doctor Who, The Last Kingdom)

Bafta award winning director / exec Peter is one of the best known directors in the UK. Bringing 30 years of experience to the team, Peter's connection with Mr. Apple consolidates his deep-held belief in nurturing young talent.

"My connection to Mr. Apple is simply that it’s a beautiful piece of writing. Heartfelt and emotional but not sentimental. In the vein of ‘A Monster Calls’ - but here a simpler, subtle exploration of lasting affection and an understanding of grief and our place in the world. All told from the point of view of a young girl learning to cope with the harsh truths in her life. Mr. Apple is a wonderful example of the joy of what good storytelling can do."


(Keep Off The Grass, The Pigeon of Waterloo)

Tyla is an exceptional young producer whose love of emotive stories is demonstrated in his successful development and producing of festival successful shorts with exceptional new talent. Mr. Apple is a major step towards Tyla's long term ambitions for feature films and serial TV. 

"I'm so grateful and excited to help bring Ian's story of Genie to life. Mr Apple is such an emotive and authentic story that has something for everyone, certainly the millions of bereaved children and families around the world. With a skilled and passionate team, we will see it created to reach its full potential. Ian created a wonderful story, together we create an even better film."



(Dark Signal (writer-director-editor), The Reckoning (writer)


Having known Ian since far gone university days Ed brings a deep understanding of story to the edit. 

"The moment I read  Mr Apple I knew I wanted to be a part of it . Having been intimate with Ian's work for many decades, I knew the way to go would be to follow the performances  and tell the story as naturally and as unforced as possible. It has been an honour and an adventure to bring Apple to life!”


For taking the time to read, it's much appreciated.


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